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Clear Cut Technologies / TruTool Engineering specialises in CNC wire cutting and CNC Machining. Since 2002, we have been a leader in providing specialised CNC wire cutting solutions to our customers in various industries. Clear Cut Technologies / TruTool Engineering has the capacity to handle larger wire cutting projects and CNC machining with full Toolroom capabilities, we provide a full engineering solution.

Our extensive experience in wire cutting enables us to meet the highest expectations of our clients. At Clear Cut Technologies / TruTool Engineering, we have a passion for precision and we have used wire cutting to create very intricate components. From the smallest gear to large Punches and Dies, Clear Cut Technologies / TruTool Engineering will make sure that all of your components are accurately cut.

Our fully equipped workshop is able to handle large machining projects and our highly qualified staff are well experienced and knowledgeable. We are also able to undertake production cutting to suit your needs. You can rely on Clear Cut Technologies / TruTool Engineering to deliver accurate, precision cut components every time

About us

Clear Cut Technologies was founded in 2002 to provide CNC wire cutting services to the smaller engineering companies. As we provided a specialised service, the company grew progressively. In 2010, Clear Cut Technologies was sold to Tru Tool Engineering. This merger allowed Clear Cut Technologies to diversify into various other engineering fields

We currently serve customers in the following industries:

Electrical Motor,
White goods market.

Clear Cut Technologies / TruTool Engineering is a level 4 BEE contributor


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