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CNC wire cutting / CNC machining

Clear Cut Technologies / TruTool Engineering provides a speciality service for all our customers. We use CNC wire cutting to cut very accurate profiles in Steel, aluminium, Brass or any electrically conductive materials. We are able to cut the most complex profiles as per our customers• specifications.

We offer precision punch and die cutting services to your specifications. Our highly qualified design team will be able to create your drawings using various CAD Packages. Our wire cutting process is a high quality process where we are able to achieve tolerances to within 0.008mm repetitively.

The wire used in our wire cutting machines is 0.25 mm in diameter and is a zinc coated copper wire for fast and accurate cutting conditions. An electrical current passes through the wire in order to cut the metal accurately. We can cut profiles that are up to 700mm on x, 400mm on y and 400mm on z. We can also cut up to a 30 Degree Taper angle and 4-axis cutting of components

Our large capacity and fast turnaround and delivery time make Clear Cut Technologies / TruTool Engineering one of the most competitive CNC wire cutting service providers in the country.



Tool Making


Our partnership with Trutool Engineering has enabled us to provide a full engineering solution. We wire cut all the components in house for Tooling projects undertaken by Trutool . Trutool undertakes tooling primarily for the motor industry and have also manufactured tooling, jigs and checking fixtures for various other industry requirements.


We have undertaken several successful projects for the motor industry and can handle any tooling projects up to 5 tons. Our fast turn around times and high accuracy are all due to our capable artisans and precise machines and equipment. Press Tooling manufactured by us is of the highest quality as we work to ISO specifications.


For more information on our CNC wire cutting services or our tool making services, please feel free to contact us.

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